Who we are...
Over the past nine years, Barnstormers baseball has established itself as a premiere destination for affordable family entertainment in Lancaster County. As the Barnstormers enter into our 11th season, its hard not to look back and realize how special each and every season has been. Looking back over the last ten seasons at Clipper Magazine Stadium it's apparent the tradition that has been built from the fans who attend every game. Is it the green grass, the smell of popcorn or the smiles on the children's faces as they enjoy our Bumper Boats in the Lagoon that make things so memorable? Or is it the laughter of kids in the Kid's Play Area, the crack of the bat or the roar of the crowd that makes Clipper Magazine Stadium the greatest destination in Lancaster County? Regardless of the reason, Clipper Magazine Stadium is where you watch your Lancaster Barnstormers battle over a 70 game home season. It's HERE is where you create memories with family, friends, and business associates. This is truly the place to be seen in Lancaster County during the summer months.

What we do...
In today's business world, it's important for companies to stand out; to find unique ways of advertising. In advertising with the Barnstormers, we strive to listen to what each company's marketing objectives are; who their demographic is; what their goals are. We then build a creative package that implements these goals to our audience and your potential customers. One thing has been proven: the amount of exposure is consistently first-rate, as we have a loyal fan base. The audience is gender balanced and is geared toward families. It is a captive audience that enables us to provide a great forum for impression setting exposure. Whether it's prominent signage, attention grabbing in-game promotions, customer focused marketing promotions, or company showcased game sponsorships, we have the ability to tailor effective marketing programs for each sponsor.
Where we play...

The Barnstormers play at beautiful, state of the art Clipper Magazine Stadium, located in downtown Lancaster. In addition to 70 baseball games per season, Clipper Magazine Stadium is a year round facility. The organization has hosted sold-out concerts featuring the likes of Bryan Adams, Def Leppard, Willie Nelson/Bob Dylan and Kenny G, the 2011 Beard Team USA National Beard and Moustache Championships, a professional soccer match, local sporting events, expos, job fairs, corporate functions, business meetings and private parties.

Who we play...
The Barnstormers are members of the eight-team Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, the top independent baseball league in North America. The league has been home to over 400 players with Major League experience including many who used the Atlantic League as a path back to Major League rosters. Past members of the Atlantic League include baseball Hall-of-Fame candidates Ricky Henderson and Juan Gonzalez. In its 16 seasons, the Atlantic League has drawn over 20 million fans.

Demographic Profiles
  • Gender Demographics
    • Men – 52%
    • Women – 48%

  • Age Demographics
    • Under 18 – 8%
    • Between ages of 19-24 – 22%
    • Between ages of 25-39 – 29%
    • Between ages of 40-54 – 24%
    • Over 55 – 15%

    (53% of our fan base, over half,
    is between the ages of 25-54)

  • Household Income (annual)
    • Student – 9%
    • Less than $30,000 – 10%
    • Between $30,000-$49,999 – 21%
    • Between $50,000-$74,999 – 26%
    • Between $75,000-$99,999 – 16%
    • Between $100,000-$149,999 – 8%
    • Over $150,000 – 7%

  • How far do Barnstormers’ fans travel to see a game at Clipper Magazine Stadium?
    • Less than 5 miles – 26%
    • Between 6-15 miles – 52%
    • Between 16-30 miles – 17%
    • Over 30 miles – 5%

  • With whom do Barnstormers’ fans attend games?
    • Alone – 2%
    • Business Associates – 10%
    • Part of a group – 19%
    • With friends – 15%
    • With family – 44%
    • With family & friends – 10%

To learn more about partnering with the Barnstormers, contact Vince Bulik via email or by calling him at 717-509-3003.