Friday, March 4, 2005

Trolley tour of Lancaster scheduled for Saturday

After an extensive search that led to much anticipation and speculation, Cylo was welcomed to the Lancaster Barnstormers family during an introduction in - of course - Mascot, PA on Friday.

Upon being found by about a dozen children in a barn near the Mascot Roller Mill, an apparently shy Cylo emerged, but began to immediately feel at home, dancing and interacting with the children, media and members of the Barnstormers front office staff. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Cylo on Saturday, as a full trolley tour of Lancaster County, courtesy of Red Rose Trolley, is planned (full schedule below).

"We welcome Cylo to our team with (widely) opened arms," said General Manager Joe Pinto. "We are eager to get out in the community so our fans can meet and get to know Cylo prior to and during our inaugural season."

Earlier this week, the caretaker of the mill and Ressler Mill Foundation, Doug Peter, had encountered some strange sights and sounds coming from nearby his home in Mascot, PA. Then on Friday, Mr. Peter contacted the Barnstormers front office to let the team know that he thought he had found something that belonged to them, only to lose track of Cylo by the time team officials arrived. Thankfully, a group of young Barnstormers fans came by to help deliver the mascot to the team.

Through an interpreter, Cylo thanked the children by saying, "I already feel like part of this family! I just fit right in! I can't wait to meet all kinds of new friends and get into my new home! Go Barnstormers!"

Designed and manufactured by Raymond Entertainment Group in Newark, DE, Cylo's design carries specific features to suggest "bovine" qualities. The cow-like snout and ears are the first giveaway, but its pinkish hue reminds fans that Cylo isn't all cow. Cylo sports a distinctive hairstyle and has a spring in its step, thanks in large part to the retro sneakers. While Cylo's exact species is uncertain, we do know that it loves to graze on finely-manicured green grass fields and looks forward to moving into its new digs, Clipper Magazine Stadium, this May. Cylo will have no difficulty maintaining a portly shape with all the wonderful baseball food that will be served at the ballpark.

"Cylo," whose name pays homage to Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young, while representing the heritage of Lancaster Co., will be a major attraction for young and old alike at every Barnstormers home game this season. The character is also anxious to start making its way around Lancaster Co. and surrounding areas before the season begins. For information on having "Cylo" appear at YOUR next event, please contact Jason Jesberger at 717-509-1340 or via email at

Upcoming Cylo Schedule:
  • March 24 - Taylor School (2:00)
    March 24 - Manheim Township Baseball Dinner (5-8 p.m.)
  • April 2 - Hempfield Rec Center Open House (10am-2pm)
  • April 13 - Lancaster Regional Medical Center Volunteer Banquet @ Eden Resort (1-2pm)
  • April 16 - Murray Insurance Open House (1-2pm)
  • April 23 - Warwick LL Opening Day
  • April 23-24 - Lancaster Artwalk


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