The Regency Panthers and Lancaster Barnstormers invite you to join us for the our first Holiday Mite Jamboree. Our objective is to create a Fun, Safe environment for the kids, and have an event they will enjoy and remember for a lifetime! This event is for players 8 and under, and will feature at least 2 full-ice* Outdoor games per team at the Ice Park at Clipper Magazine Stadium.

Tournament Highlights

Tournament is conducted under USA Hockey Rules & USA Hockey Rosters.
• There will be a minimum of (4) teams per division, (8) teams max.
• (3) division, Elite Half-Ice, Half-Ice and Beginner Cross-Ice.
• 8 (30min games including warm-up) 2 14-minute running time period
• 1/2 Ice Games at Regency
• Outdoor Full-Ice* Games at Clipper
• Championship Games for Half-ice Division(s)
• No Championship Games at Cross-ice
• Tournament gift for All Players
• No admission charge games at Regency Ice Rink
• 1-time $5.00 Adult admission for games at Clipper (12-under are free)

General Rules:

• No Championship Game the level cross-ice level
• No Win / Loss Record will be kept for the level cross-ice level.
• All Games will be played 4 on 4 and a goalie (goalie equipment optional)
• Each Team will play 8 (24) Minute games
• Full Size nets will be Used for Half-Ice games.
• Mite Size nets will be Used for Cross-Ice games.
• Blue Pucks will be Used.
• Goalies will be used (Goalie Equipment Optional)
• Game Length will be 24 Minute (2) 12-minute periods running clock with 1.5 – 2 minutes for shift changes.
• Center Ice Face off to start the game, and each Goal.
• Score will be kept for all games with no more than a 1 goal differential shown on scoreboard.
• All Players will receive a tournament gift
• Roster Sizes can be from (5) to (15)
• All Penalties will result in a penalty shot for the offended player.
• Players must wear full equipment.
• All teams must have a USA Hockey Roster
• December 26 – 28 Half-Ice
• December 27 – 29 Cross-Ice
• December 28 – 31 Elite Half-Ice

Need more Information?

To enter Tournament, or if you have questions, contact:
Ray Ferry:
Wil Younger:


* The Clipper Magazine Stadium ice sheet measures 120 feet long by 80 feet wide